About project

What is ADAPTM?

ADAPTM (Climate Change Management Trough Adaptation and Mitigation) is a 3 year Erasmus+ Capacity Building project in the Field of Higher Education aiming at designing and implementing an interdisciplinary Master Degree study programme “Smart Environment and Climate Change Management” (SECCM) for Egypt, in the area of Environmental Science. The project will support Egyptian partners of the consortium to integrate emerging technologies in environment change management in a competence-based education system, according to the European standards for quality of education and the Bologna process and European standards for quality of education.


The project runs from October 2017 to October 2020 and involves partners universities and research institutes from Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Greece and Egypt.


The new socio-economic conditions prevailing in Egypt in the early 21th century, its integration into the global economy and, as a consequence, the appearance of new labour market led to prerequisites for the reform of higher education. 

These conditions are directly linked to specific environmental conditions and issues of Egypt, such as:

  • Vulnerability of Egypt’s population, land-use and agriculture activities, as well as its economic activity to any adverse impacts on its coastal zones and water availability from the Nile river;
  • Impoverished agricultural and coastal communities are the most vulnerable to ecological risks and impacts of environmental degradation;
  • Climate change risk of sea level rise;
  • The impacts from the predicted climate change in terms of significant rises in the levels and temperatures of the sea water constitutes another long-term threat to the present state of the coastal ecosystems.


To study environment change and its effect on Egypt, there is a strong demand for specialists in dealing with climate change, based on new, innovative and transdisciplinary higher education course that make use of ICT applications, GIS, remote sensing, environmental modelling, technologies innovations and sustainable development theories.

ADAPTM Objectives

According to above mentioned issues and educational needs in Egypt, ADAPTM aims at improving the quality of professional and academic environmental education in Egypt and corresponding to the directives of the Bologna process, strategies of ET 2020, by:

(1) Improving the Higher Education offer in Egypt about Climate Change management and adaptation by developing the new Master Degree in “Smart Environment and Climate Change Management” (SECCM) in an international context; [link to SECCM section]

(2) involving professionals and researchers to communicate between them and to establish their joint participation in the educational process;

(3) implementing innovative learning methods and a collaboration platform for learning and academic environment those support the three cycle educational process; [link to section WP3]

(4) demonstrating the benefits of education based on the principles of the Bologna process  [link to section SECCM];

(5) offering the possibility of improving multicultural experiences fostering tolerance, equal opportunities and mutual understanding in the Mediterranean basin. 


Master SECCM