Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI)

Since its establishment in 2008, the EMUNI, one of the priority projects of the UfM, has become international institution, which gathers expert knowledge and experience of the Mediterranean countries and thus significantly contributes to the creation of unified and integrated Mediterranean higher education and research area. As a “hub” university in the Mediterranean region, it has 122 members from 33 countries (from the EU, the Middle East and the North Africa). It has a network of more than 50 different higher education and research institutions. Its aim is to build a bridge between the North and the South Mediterranean with an emphasis on raising awareness about the EU.
Within the mission of EMUNI are the following goals:
• Raising quality of higher education through the implementation of study and research programmes;
• Becoming an international university, which will acknowledge cultural diversity;
• Establishing university environment, which will have a stimulating effect on integration of different nations and cultures in the academic spheres;
EMUNI has the following structure: President, Student Council, Management Board (composed of 12 international representatives from 8 Euro-Med countries), Senate (currently composed of 20 representatives from 18 Euro-Med countries) and the General Assembly (122 member institutions from 33 Euro-Med countries).
Almost all its activities are carried out in cooperation with its international partners, which allows EMUNI a strong international orientation. Activities encompass Master study programme, organization of summer schools, professional upgrading schools, short-term study courses, round tables, higher education and research international conferences and research conferences. Besides, EMUNI is highly involved in EU-funded projects and their management, where we are partners in five important projects, two of which EMUNI takes the lead. EMUNI also publishes the International Journal for Euro-Mediterranean Studies (IJEMS).

Role in project

The main role of EMUNI will be coordination of staff and students mobility between EU and EG universities. EMUNI will participate in all workpackages together with consortium partners. EMUNI will actively participate in developing of Master degree study programme according to Bologna requirements, take programme advertising and marketing functions, introduce the programme to HEI in Arabic countries and present it to stakeholders. Moreover, EMUNI will contribute to project management, hence they have sufficient experience in MENA-EU cooperation projects. During transnational project meetings EMUNI will act as a mediator between European and Middeteranian cultures fostering the effective multicultural dialogue. Besides, EMUNI will participate in:

  • the survey of stakeholders and together with partners develop competence framework for SECCM graduates.
  • development of outline for the curriculum,
  • construct the content development plan,
  • in the development of the content of the different courses as outlined within the content development plan; including compilation of the general content of the courses, the provision of the respective slides, and the compilation of a list of text books as well as recently published articles,
  • with the “train the trainer”-activities,
  • in quality control activities,
  • in dissemination activities, etc.