Project Meetings

Kick off meeting, University of Catania (Italy), 05-07.12.2017 (link to WP9.1)

Grant Holder Meeting, 28-31/01/2018, Brussels (Belgium) (link to WP 9.11)

Half year meeting , 12-13/04/2018, University of Catania (Italy) (link to WP9.2)

1st year meeting, 12-13.12.2018, Alexandria Univerisity, (Egypt) link to WP9.3)

1,5 year meeting, 29-30/04/2019, Klaipeda (Lithuania) (link to WP9.4)

2,5 year meeting – April, 2020

Final Project meeting , University of Catania (Italy), October, 2020

Training events

Training of PC academic and administrative staff on Bologna Process, University of Catania (Italy), 10/04/2018 (link to WP 1.3)

Training on Collaboration Platform, University of Catania (Italy), 11-12/04/2018 (link to WP 3.4)

Tranining in Innovation for Environment change management at National Observatory of Athens (Greece), 19-23/11/2018 (link to WP4.1)

Trainining in newest methods, research and experience in environmental science, University of Klaipeda (Lithuania), 22-28/09/2019 (link to WP4.6)

Info days, workshops, seminars and scientific conferences

Info Workshop, Alexandria University, Alexandria (Egypt), 30 April, 2018

Workshop Eurasia, Catania (Italy), October, 22, 2018

National Erasmus+ day in Cairo (Egypt), 8/10/2018

Scientific Seminar “Urban Heat Island and urban microclimate”, University of Catania (Italy), 5 November, 2018 (link to WP 7.1)

International Conference of Italian Institute for Urbanism, Naples (Italy), December 2018 (link to WP

Info Workshop, EMUNI, (Slovenia) 30 April, 2018

Erasmus+ Week, Klaipeda University (Lithuania), 6-7 May, 2019

Workshop “Urban climate models for urban planning”, University of Catania, 22 July, 2019 (link to WP 7.1)

Info Day at Alexandra University, 15-16 September 2019, (link to WP 7.4)

Presentation of SECCM Course, Alexandria University (20 October 2019)

Info Workshop, EMUNI, (Slovenia) 22 November, 2019 (Link to WP 7.1)

Info day at Arab Academy of Science and Maritime Transport, Alexandria, (4, February, 2020)

INPUT 2020 International Conference, Catania, (9-11 September 2020)