Implementation of the programme

The significance of the reorganization of the educational process in the Physical sciences is related to the increasing relevance of ecological issues. Only competently trained professionals, who understand the relationship between theoretical and practical multi discipline problems of Environment change management can find the adequate and correct solution of this problems. Training of such specialists should be based on the latest achievements obtained in world practice. Interdisciplinary approach is of a major importance. Therefore the project will provide the bridge between the environment information and the stakeholders need through developing an MSc programme.

To address this, we propose:

  1. a new curriculum and enhanced syllabi in SECCM based on ECTS;
  2. AdapTM network and collaboration platform as learning and academic environment for students,university staff and potential stakeholders;
  3. innovative teaching materials for: Geophysics  and Geo-informatics, Climate and Global Changes, Smart Environment Technology Programming, Mathematical Modelling of Environment,  Remote Sensing of the Environment, including textbooks, mobile lectures, e&m[ -learning modules;
  4. implementation of competence-based curriculum approach based on modern learning technologies;
  5. retraining of Egyptian universities’ staff developing their teaching expertise in technologies integration to SEM;
  6. mobility of students  for intensive courses at EU and Egyptian universities.
  7. The project includes project PC academic and administrative staff re-training, training of Egyptian universities academic staff on how to organize courses in SECCM with the integration of technologies, academic and students mobility.

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