South Valley University (SVU)

South Valley University (SVU), Egypt covers the largest area in the country since it provides direct teaching services to approximately 20% of the total area of Egypt. As compared to this geographical weight, SVU is committed to a big social service role in the region of Upper Egypt. As a matter of fact, for a complete period of 15 years as an independent university, SVU has been serving the mission of a distinguished higher education institution, to comprise its cultural, educational, and service commitment.
SVU has more than 45’000 students enrolled throughout its teaching institutions, with more than 2’000 diploma, MA, MSc and PhD graduate students. These enrolment figures are a tribute to the creative staff and their responsible dedication to their students. SVU has also initiated non-traditional distance and open learning models that add to the enrichment of the cultural and educational development of Upper Egypt. Furthermore, SVU is ranked 17 among the top 100 Universities and Colleges in Africa according to “4 International Colleges and Universities”. SVU has also worked with academic institutes in China, Italy, UK, Sweden, Greece, Spain, France and Germany. Furthermore, SVU has received funding from programmes such as TEMPUS and FP7.
South Valley University were responsible for preparing and delivering the “Solar Energy for Rural Electrification” elective component of SOLEDA programme which funded by TEMPUS. In addition, SVU helping in preparing the overall teaching material, raise awareness of solar energy education in Upper Egypt, ensure certification of the programme and also help recruit top-calibre graduate students to the programme. Furthermore, SVU take part in the bidding of the tools and installed them on-campus. Recently, our research activities have intensified in the fields of wind, thermal, solar and biomass energies.

Role in project

SVU team will also actively collaborate with Project Coordinator and other members of the consortium. SVU is planning to take part in all the work packages of the project. In the preparation phase, SVU will contribute to the research of labour market and identification of competences of graduates in SECCM. In the Development WP, SVU will deploy Collaboration Platform together with other EG universities and participate in trainings. In Development WP, SVU will actively take part in the creation of syllabi teaching-learning materials. SVU will implement SECCM along with partners. SVU will host staff and students form EU as well send its students for intensive courses in EU universities. SVU will participate in dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as in quality evaluation activities.