Suez Canal University (SCU)

The history of Suez Canal University dates back to 1976 when the university was established by the presidential decree no. 93 for 1976. Study began in 1977 in six faculties; namely, the faculty of science, the faculty of agriculture, the faculty of commerce, the faculty of engineering and technology (in Port Said) and the faculty of education (in Suez). In the 1980s and 1990s, steady expansion in the university has been going on with a new faculty opening its doors almost every year. Today, there are 49588 students registered at the university studying in more than twenty faculties distributed in more than six Branches located in Ismailia, Port Said, and Suez and El-Arish. Two more faculties, one for arts and humanities and the other for fish, are to be established soon. The number of senior staff members today exceeds 1497 assisted by 1485 junior staff, members teaching to more than 74097 at the undergraduate level. Till now, 87500 students have received their first degree from the university, in addition to 15082 who have received different graduate degrees. As for the administration, the university employs more than 6481 employees in 25 central directorates shouldering the administrative work in collaboration with the university and faculty administrations.

Role in project

SCU will pay attention on climate forecasting, coastal environmental, physical changing in coastal shore line together with onshore oil pollution, etc for the other institutes in Egypt. SCU team will actively collaborate with Project Coordinator and other members of the consortium. SCU is planning to take part in all the work packages of the project. In the preparation phase, SCU will contribute to the research of labour market and identification of competences of graduates in SECCM. In the 1Development WP, SCU will deploy Collaboration Platform together with other EG universities and participate in trainings. IN Development WP, SCU will actively take part in the creation of syllabi teaching-learning materials. SCU will implement SECCM along with partners. SCU will host staff and students form EU as well send its students for intensive courses in EU universities. SCU will lead the dissemination and exploitation activities’ workpackage, as well as in quality evaluation activities.