Master SECCM

The new MsD in «Smart Environment and Climate Change Management” (SECCM) will be running in the four Egyptian HEI (Alexandria University, Arab Academy For Science And Technology And Maritime Transport, Suez Canal University and South Valley University).
The design of the new curriculum has been made possible by the collaboration and co-work of European and Egyptian partners, based on the results of a number of activities, workshops, and training and following the requirement of the Bologna Process.

The Curriculum of SECCM 

SemesterCourse TitleCredit
FirstIntroduction to Climate Change (9 ECTS)
Meteorology and Climate Observation(9 ECTS) (9 ECTS)
Marine Resources and sustainability(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Environment Risk Assessment and Management(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Total 1st semester30 ECTS 30 ECTS
SecondClimate Change Management
Numerical Modeling and tools(9 ECTS) (9 ECTS)
GIS and Remote Sensing(9 ECTS) (9 ECTS)
Research Methodology and Ethics(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Total 2nd semester30 ECTS 30 ECTS
Third (elective courses)Climate and Ocean Modeling
Climate Smart Agriculture(9 ECTS) (9 ECTS)
Nanotechnology and Climate Change(9 ECTS) (9 ECTS)
Sustainable Blue Economy(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Coral Reefs and Climate Change(9 ECTS) (9 ECTS)
Energy Efficiency Management in Maritime Industry(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Environmental Impact Assessment(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Integrated Coastal Zone Management(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Climate Change and Biodiversity(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Global Environmental Governance(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Strategic Planning and Project Management(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
Quality and Safety Management Systems(6 ECTS) (6 ECTS)
TOTAL 3rd semester40 ECTS 40 ECTS
Fourth Thesis 30 ECTS

All syllabi of the courses can be downloaded here.

For each course, all lectures, exercises, practical activities and teaching materials are made available through the Project Collaboration Platform.