3 – Collaboration Platform for Smart Environment and Climate Change Management

WP3 – Collaboration Platform for Smart Environment and Climate Change Management

AdapTM Consortium implemented an online Collaboration Platform to address different target groups (students, professors, administrative staff, project members, guests). This platform, positioned within existing open-source solutions (namely Google Suite), will be used for the project management, for the joint work of all academic staff and students during and after the project.

The following activities have been done:

3.1 Requirement analysisA specific survey was designed to define the needs of the different target groups as well as the technical and functional requirements for the implementation of the Collaboration PlatformReport
3.2 System designSpecification of the collaboration platform have been designed according to results obtained after the requirement analysis
3.3 Basic implementationThe basic implementation of the Collaboration Platform implied the development of the universities educational AdapTM network for its continuous support. Each University tested and started to use all basic functions of the Collaboration Platform and use it daily for the sake of the Project and the implementation of SECCM activities.This platform was positioned within existing open-source solutions (Google Suite) 
3.4 Training of academic and technical staffCATANIA TRAINING WEEK (April, 2018)1-week long stay of academic and administrative staff from Egypt universities was organized at University of Catania.Activities have been tailored to a target group of trainees and administration staff, trained by KU specialists in the usage of the ‘Collaboration Platform’ and in creating and managing online coursesAgenda
Supporting material (PPT)
3.5 Collaboration Platform for students workflowThe Collaboration Platform was designed to consider the setting and customization of modules dedicated to the workflow of students’ work (Classroom, Collections, Chats, Jamboards). Teachers of the SECCM use them for delivering teaching materials, quizzes and communicate with students. Students use the environment for a direct contact with teachers and administrative staff of ADAPTM. 
3.6 Implementation of special modulesTeachers of the SEECM developed special supporting documents listing software, websites, scientific databases according to specificities of SECCM courses and needs of students.Workbook