4 – Upgrade of existing and development of new syllabi for Smart Environment Change Management

WP4 – Upgrade of existing and development of new syllabi for Smart Environment Change Management

The curriculum for Smart Environment and Climate Change Management is developed after having analysed strength points and gaps of existing similar syllabi in EU universities and EG universities. EG and EU staff receive training in Psychical sciences, Environmental research and innovations an in technologies. The outcomes of the trainings are integrated into the content of new syllabi for the MSc SECCM. The workload of the educational program in Egypt is converted according to the European system. New textbooks, mobile lectures and e-Learning modules will be created for the disciplines belonging to the new competence-based curriculum.

The following activities have been done:

4.1 Training in innovation for Environment change management in NOAATHENS TRAINING WEEK (November, 2018)Staff from Eg and EU universities were trained at NOA. NOA’s staff introduced the newest data of research, showed novel technologies for Environment change management. The insights from the training have been integrated into the content of new enhanced syllabi.Agenda
Supporting material (PPT)
4.2 Development of enhanced syllabiExisting syllabi  in Consortium universities were analysed. In some case, parts of existing syllabi were transformed, in other new syllabi were written. In particular, insights from the training week in Athens have been integrated into the contents of new enhanced syllabi, enriching the courses descriptions according to acquired perspectives on technologies and researches for a Smart Environment Management of Climate Change. Moreover, EU/EG staff and teachers of the SECCM collaborate for the integration of new topics and suggestions for teaching materials
Enhanched syllaby
Core Courses’ description
4.3 Converting of workload hours into ECTS unitsThe workload of educational program measured in Cr HR, which is currently used in Egypt, has been converted into ECTS system, according to European standards. Syllabus table
4.4 New teaching materialsTeaching materials for each course of the first accademic year have been developed and provided to students. Namely, power point presentations of delivered lectures and supporting material for individual studies (scientific papers, guidelines, texts) have been created for SECCM students and shared among teachers. 
4.5 Creating of mobile lectures and e&m- learning modules for MSc Lectures of the SECCM courses were recorded in order to support the learning process. By providing learning materials anytime and anywhere. The mobile lectures support different learning speeds by flexible navigation of materials Photos (during lectures recording)
4.6 EG academic staff  training in technologies at KUKLAIPEDA TRAINING WEEK (September 2029)EG academic staff received training on how to apply technologies in Environment Change Management. Agenda
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