9 – Management of the project

WP9 – Management of the project

Activities related to the Project’s management incorporate complementary tasks such as to address the technical content of the work relating to the implementation of defined tasks, proper timing and quality control of tasks implementations, deliverables production and information flows and to deal with financial, legal and administrative aspects. Day-to-day management, organization of timely inputs from partners, finalization of the financial report, uninterrupted communication flow are handled throughout the Project’s lifetime with effective communication assured through planned meetings and the convenient usage of the collaboration platform

The following activities have been done:

9.1 Kick-off meetingCATANIA KICK-OFF MEETING(December, 2017)The meeting for the leaders and the consortium members was organized at Catania University. Discussions about the general work plan for the whole period of the project and detailed work plan for the 1st project year were followed by the overall setting of the management and decision-making structure, resolutions on financial management criteria and reporting related issues.Agenda
9.2 Half year meetingCATANIA HALF YEAR MEETING(April, 2018)Planning of activities for the second half of the 1st year project (Collaboration Platform, equipment, SECCM design and related accreditation procedures)Agenda
9.3 First year meetingALEXANDRIA FIRST YEAR MEETING(December, 2018)Planning of activities for the first half of the 2nd year project (mid term report, equipment purchase, SECCM syllabi and accreditation procedures)Agenda
9.4 One and a half Year meetingKLAIPEDA ONE-AND-A-HALF YEAR MEETING(April, 2019)Planning of activities for the second half of the project(mid term report, SECCM accreditation, mobilities of staff and students, new syllabi and teaching materials)Agenda
9.5 Second year meetingSECOND YEAR MEETING (online)(December, 2019)Financial Management and reporting issues; planning of activities for the 3° year project (equipment purchase, teachers and students mobility, book and scientific publications) 
Other events/meeting Grant holder Meeting (Bruxelles, January 2018) Photos
Hurgada(Hurgada, June 2018)Minutes
Ismailia(Ismailia, October 2018)Minutes
Alexandria meeting(Alexandria, August 2018)Minutes
Cairo Monitoring Visit(Cairo, December 2018)Agenda
Hurgada meeting(August, 2019)Agenda
Klaipeda(September, 2019)Financial Management, mid-term reporting, roadmap for activities.Photos
9.6 Second and a half year meetingSECOND AND A HALF YEAR MEETING (online, May 2020)
AdapTM project changes and adjustments due to
the Covid-19 Emergency, SECCM Master Course and Mobility, Financial management and reporting issues